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Sun Sep 12 14:48:01 UTC 2010

--- On Sat, 9/11/10, Julian Wiesener <jw at vtoc.de> wrote:

> From: Julian Wiesener <jw at vtoc.de>
> Subject: Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Remaining Work
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> Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010, 5:46 AM
> Hi,
> On 09/11/10 03:07 AM, Alasdair Lumsden wrote:
> > This is, as far as I know, pretty much complete:
> Some updates to your list
> XNV    - alrady build (yofuh)
> g11n   - in progress (yofuh)
> vpanels - in progress (gber)
> Vpanes could be dropped, noone of the possible early
> adopters actually will needs it, it's not a required
> component for anything else. So gber should really
> concentrate on JDS for now.
> XNV was Build on Monday with Agpgart support as well as
> witch Rebranding Patch. The build is 148 not 147 because it
> does not hurt to have a newer one and 148 contains some
> changes that simplify rebranding. I'll push it to pkgdev
> soon.
> g11n is completely build, untested and unpackaged, i need
> to find the appropriate mechanism for that.
> I already used the distro importer in a small setup, if
> noone else will do i guess i can do that. However, my
> experience with distro-importer is limited.
> Regards,
> Julian (yofuh)

I walked through JDS NEVADA_147 and everything passes now on the build system (fastdev01) as the issues are known. I've updated the wiki based on my review of pre JDS NEVADA 149 and Gber's build of JDS NEVADA_147.

We can easily update to the latest snapshot with the current JDS rebranding
and updates.

Suggest dropping Sun Studio 12u1 versions prior to the Feb 2010 edition.
There is the Sun Studio 12.1.1 version in IPS 134 which works good
for the project as well.

~ Ken Mays



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