[OpenIndiana-discuss] Some Observations before upgrade to

Paul Gress pgress at optonline.net
Tue Sep 14 22:57:08 UTC 2010

On 09/14/10 06:45 PM, Tom Kranz wrote:
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> Paul Gress wrote:
>> I started looking into the possibility for upgrading.  I have some
>> questions.
>> I use Pro-Engineer, a program that required some Motif libraries.  How
>> does this fit?
> Were did the Motif libraries come from? If they're in OpenSolaris, they
> should still be there if you upgrade to OpenIndiana. If it never worked
> in OpenSolaris, it probably won't work in OI either.

The Libraries came from Opensolaris, and work.  I am currently at OSb134 

> <snip>
>> So far it looks exciting.  And yes, one final question (the
>> un-ask-able).  If I decide to go to Solaris 11 Express, will I be able
>> to upgrade to that?
> There have been several comments from people in Oracle that there will
> be an OpenSolaris ->  Solaris 11 Express upgrade path. What specific
> version of OpenSolaris and just what form the upgrade would take haven't
> been specified - I would say if you are thinking of using SX 11 you
> should probably wait for that to appear.

The reason I ask, is if OpenIndania doesn't work out, what will my 
escape path be.  Do I need to keep an ancient BE until I'm satisfied?  
So I figured I ask outright.


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