[OpenIndiana-discuss] APIC Error interrupt on CPU 0 and 1. Status 0 =0, status 1 =4 floods screen

Edward Martinez mindbender_1 at live.com
Wed Sep 15 05:25:15 UTC 2010


I found a nasty kernel bug in OI that it was inherited from opensolaris, 
to whom to i report to: illumos or OI?
I'll mention the bug here anyway. After i load the DVD and choose  and 
entry from grub, the screen is flooded with:

APIC Error interrupt on CPU 0 and 1. Status 0 =0,status 1 =4

  my mainboard is an  Foxconn a74ml-k mainboard
amd athlon 2 x2 240
I know the cause because i filed this same bug  at opensolaris bugzilla 
back in march  and  it's cause by an AMD bug known as errata #373 of
AMD Family 10h Processors and the problems is linked to the APIC ID in 
ACPI MADT table in inconsistent with the real value of APIC ID

it appears a new  pcplusmp needs to be created.



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