[OpenIndiana-discuss] root pw on fresh install?

Andrew Kinney andykinney at advantagecom.net
Thu Sep 16 03:43:32 UTC 2010


I have what is either a bug or a PEBKAC.

I did a fresh install of OI b147 on a VirtualBox instance (x86-64).

Now, I'm booting from the virtual hard drive (the install ISO is 

I login as usual and go to System -> Adminstration -> Package Manager 
(or Update Manager). It prompts for the root password. I enter the 
only password I recall supplying to the system during installation. 
With no error or feedback of any kind, I get dumped back to the 

Another oddity is that on OpenSolaris b134 I'm used to running 
"pfexec bash" from a command line and the prompt changes to # 
(instead of $), but that doesn't seem to work in OI b147. 
Effectively, it's similar to "su" in the linux world. Again, with no 
feedback of any kind, it just goes back to the same command prompt.

Is anyone else having these issues on a fresh install?

If this is a PEBKAC, let me know. If not, I'll go file a bug report.

Andrew Kinney
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Chief Technology Officer
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