[OpenIndiana-discuss] Where Can I help?

Guido Berhoerster guido+openindiana at berhoerster.name
Sat Sep 18 10:06:19 UTC 2010

* Steven Ringwald <ringwald at gmail.com> [2010-09-17 17:46]:
> Congratulations on bringing out one of the easiest installs of Solaris that
> I have ever seen. I would love to assist you guys in whatever capacity you
> have need, as I have always had great faith in Solaris.
> I have successfully installed OI in a Virtualbox VM, and am looking at
> upgrading my laptop, running build 134. The OI install I have running still
> has a few little bugs, one of which involves the speex libraries that are
> installed. I am trying to build FreeSwitch 1.0.6, and running into them
> head-on :-)
> Let me know where I can make a contribution, and I am there.

You could start by reporting the bugs you encountered if they're not
already on http://illumos.org/issues/. I am particularly
interested in the speex problem.

Guido Berhoerster

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