[OpenIndiana-discuss] OpenIndiana logo (was: oi_147 crashes host under VirtualBox 3.2.8r64453, host Mac OS X 10.6.4)

Hillel Lubman shtetldik at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 01:06:52 UTC 2010

  On 19/09/2010 20:04, Albert Lee wrote:

Since Oracle dropped OpenSolaris (not officially yet, but in practice) - 
will they still need to use OpenSolaris logo somewhere? Can they let's 
say give it over to OpenIndiana, or it's not a realistic scenario?



> We are (at least, I am) painfully aware there isn't a proper logo...
> =) - There has been one reasonable submission, and Alasdair intends to
> hold a logo contest in the near future.
> Thanks for the feedback!
> -Albert

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