[OpenIndiana-discuss] XEN and Crossbow

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 05:36:28 UTC 2010

Kent Watsen wrote:
>> 1. dom0 support has not been built for OpenIndiana because Oracle
>> have discontinued development of it, and it won't be present in
>> Solaris 11 Express.
> While it's true that Oracle discontinued xVM, this was done so as to
> port their Oracle VM solution to Solaris.  The new solution is also
> Xen based and I believe that it will be part of Solaris 11 (reading
> between the lines in statements that have been made)
As I understand, important parts of Oracle VM are closed source and are
only selling as a payed-for closed product. And I think you are first
one that interpreted it like this, everyone else were saying that Linux
will stay at Oracle VM foundation.
If it is for large part closed and integrated in Solaris/express, then
that again does not makes very big difference of chances for being
available to open distributions.

Timetable for code releases for Solaris express or Solaris 11 is not yet
Seems like community of OpenIndiana have just enough time to make Dom0
support work again in  meantime, especially in the light that importing
new features from , possibly new releases of Solaris (if code is
available after releases, as they were saying) , could take some time
after each their code release. (But also in light that OpenIndiana is
basing it's future on Ilumos spork and now fork of Os/Net)

I see many people very much interested in Xen on SunOS/Dom0 support in
Illumos/OpenIndiana, so seems like some sort of more formal organization
about making it happened should take place.

Since me can only help projects by testing and reporting bugs and so on,
I can just suggest actions to at least one Xen/SunOS developer that
could lead the project:
Activating project inside Illumos.org first (and Openindiana.org),
making site, mailing list etc, where will be seen what people/human
resources are needed, machine and organizational resources needed and
what money funds are needed to re-implement Xvm Dom0 (As already present
in previous recent releases of OpenSolaris before OpenIndiana).

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