[OpenIndiana-discuss] XEN and Crossbow

Darko Hojnik hojnik at virtualizing.org
Wed Sep 29 16:12:11 UTC 2010

Am Samstag, den 25.09.2010, 07:36 +0200 schrieb Nikola M:
> Kent Watsen wrote:
> >> 1. dom0 support has not been built for OpenIndiana because Oracle
> >> have discontinued development of it, and it won't be present in
> >> Solaris 11 Express.
> > While it's true that Oracle discontinued xVM, this was done so as to
> > port their Oracle VM solution to Solaris.  The new solution is also
> > Xen based and I believe that it will be part of Solaris 11 (reading
> > between the lines in statements that have been made)
> As I understand, important parts of Oracle VM are closed source and are
> only selling as a payed-for closed product. And I think you are first
> one that interpreted it like this, everyone else were saying that Linux
> will stay at Oracle VM foundation.
> If it is for large part closed and integrated in Solaris/express, then
> that again does not makes very big difference of chances for being
> available to open distributions.
> Timetable for code releases for Solaris express or Solaris 11 is not yet
> certain.
> Seems like community of OpenIndiana have just enough time to make Dom0
> support work again in  meantime, especially in the light that importing
> new features from , possibly new releases of Solaris (if code is
> available after releases, as they were saying) , could take some time
> after each their code release. (But also in light that OpenIndiana is
> basing it's future on Ilumos spork and now fork of Os/Net)
> I see many people very much interested in Xen on SunOS/Dom0 support in
> Illumos/OpenIndiana, so seems like some sort of more formal organization
> about making it happened should take place.
> Since me can only help projects by testing and reporting bugs and so on,
> I can just suggest actions to at least one Xen/SunOS developer that
> could lead the project:
> Activating project inside Illumos.org first (and Openindiana.org),
> making site, mailing list etc, where will be seen what people/human
> resources are needed, machine and organizational resources needed and
> what money funds are needed to re-implement Xvm Dom0 (As already present
> in previous recent releases of OpenSolaris before OpenIndiana).
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I have offered it and I do it again ;) I offer the Website, the
Mailinglists FTP Space and Subversion or Mercurical. Thats for me not an
expensive part. I will offer the Domain virtualizing.org for that.
I am a Webdeveloper and Administrator. I could not commit clean an good
Code about xVM. My coding skills are to low for that.

Darko Hojnik

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