[OpenIndiana-discuss] Kernel panic after upgrading to OpenIndiana

thorsten.heit at vkb.de thorsten.heit at vkb.de
Wed Sep 29 09:40:15 UTC 2010


by following the instructions on the wiki I just upgraded from OpenSolaris 
b134 to OpenIndiana. Unfortunately booting into the new BE results in a 
kernel panic:

NOTICE: zfs_parse_bootfs: error 22
Cannot mount root on rpool/101 fstype zfs

panic[cpu0]/thread=fffffffffbc2f260: vs_mountroot: cannot mount root

Warning - stack not written to the dump buffer
fffffffffbc718e0 genunix:vfs_mountroot+33e ()
fffffffffbc71910 genunix:main+136 ()
fffffffffbc71920 unix:_locore_start+90 ()

panic: entering debugger (no dump device, continue to reboot)

Welcome to kmdb
Loaded modules: [ scsi_vhci mac uppc sd unix zfs krtld apix genunix specfs 
pcplusmp cpu.generic ]

My machine is a HP ProLiant ML350 G5 with 2 quad-core Xeons, 32GB RAM and 
a HP SmartArray E200i RAID controller with 3x160 and 3x500GB SATA discs 
connected to it. Two of the 160GB discs build the mirrored root pool 
(rpool), the third serves as a temporary data pool called "tank", and the 
three 500G discs form a RAIDZ1 pool called "daten".

What is causing this kernel panic?
I tried to recreate/upgrade the boot archive for the OpenIndiana BE, but 
that didn't help...



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