[OpenIndiana-discuss] ZFS with Dedupication for NFS server

Eric D. Mudama edmudama at bounceswoosh.org
Thu Apr 21 21:48:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, Apr 21 at 14:12, James Kohout wrote:
> Been running opensolaris 134 with a 9T RaidZ2 array as a backup server
>in a  production environment.   Whenever I tried to turn the ZFS
>deduplication I always had crashes and other issues, which I most likely
>attributed to the know ZFS dedup bugs in 134.  Once I rebuild the pool
>without dedup, things have been running great for several months without
>a glitch.  As a result, I am highly confident it was not a hardware issue.
>So looking to upgrade to io148 to be able to enable deduplication.  So
>does have any experience running a ZFS RaidZ2 pool with deduplication in
>a production environment?  Is  ZFS deduplication in oi148 considered
>stable/production ready?  I would hate to break a working setup chasing a
>feature that is not ready.
>Any feedback, experience would be appreciated.

The summary of list postings over the last 6 months is that dedup
requires way more RAM and/or L2ARC than most people budgeted in order
to work as smoothly as a non-dedup installation, and that when under
budgeted in RAM/L2ARC, the performance of scrubs and snapshot deletion
is atrocious.

I don't have the math handy on the memory requirements, maybe someone
can post that part of the summary.

Eric D. Mudama
edmudama at bounceswoosh.org

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