[OpenIndiana-discuss] [zfs-discuss] Good SLOG devices?

matthew lagoe matthew.lagoe at subrigo.net
Tue Mar 1 18:27:03 UTC 2011

Personally I am trying out the OCZ revodrives, seem like a decent price for performance for SLOG.


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Subject: Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] [zfs-discuss] Good SLOG devices?

> a) do you need an SLOG at all? Some workloads (asynchronous ones) will
> never benefit from an SLOG.
We're planning to use this box for CIFS/NFS, so we'll need an SLOG to speed things up.
> b) form factor. at least one manufacturer uses a PCIe card which is
> not compliant with the PCIe form-factor and will not fit in many cases
> -- especially typical 1U boxes.
The box is 4U with some 7 8x PCIe slots, so I think it should do fine
> c) driver support.
That was why I asked here in the first place...
> d) do they really just go straight to ram/flash, or do they have an
> on-device SAS or SATA bus? Some PCIe devices just stick a small flash
> device on a SAS or SATA controller. I suspect that those devices won't
> see a lot of benefit relative to an external drive (although they
> could theoretically drive that private SAS/SATA bus at much higher rates
> than an external bus -- but I've not checked into it.)
> The other thing with PCIe based devices is that they consume an IO
> slot,
> which may be precious to you depending on your system board and other
> I/O needs.
As I mentioned above, we have sufficient slots. As for the SATA/SAS onboard controller, that was the reason I asked here in the first place.
So - do anyone know a good device for this? X25-E is rather old now, so there should be better ones available......
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