[OpenIndiana-discuss] Solaris Express server name broadcast

Dmitry G. Kozhinov dima at desktopfay.com
Sun Mar 6 09:10:09 UTC 2011

Helping people != supporting competing product.

I will *not* wonder getting support from FreeBSD or OpenBSD community.
You *are* not wonder getting support from e.g. Alan Coopersmith - Sol 11 
Express developer (AFAIK).

Any FOSS initiative has it's roots in helping people.

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I do not think that a FOSS project community has any moral imperative to
act as a support channel for a commercial product. Nor another competing
FOSS project, for that matter.

To illustrate, I think most would agree that it would be impolite at the
minimum, if not downright ludicrous, for me to expect support for
FreeBSD from an OpenBSD list just because they both derive from a common

>/  There hasn't been a hostile attitude so far and we shouldn't start now!
/>/  So lets agree to all be friendly to each other.
Bayard put it well.  I think politely pointing S11 users to appropriate
support channels would fall under the umbrella of friendliness. If for
whatever reason, those channels don't meet their needs, then they should
take that under consideration when choosing an OS platform.

To reiterate, lest some misinterpret, this does not equate to, nor
advocate, hostility.

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