[OpenIndiana-discuss] Fw: [solarisx86] NVidia driver issue with GT220

Frank Middleton f.middleton at apogeect.com
Wed Mar 9 21:38:54 UTC 2011

On 02/21/11 16:06, sysop at lavabit.com wrote:
>> Posted on wiki.
>> http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Graphics+Adapters

It seems to have fixed some GT460 problems as well. Thanks for
getting Nvidia's attention!

However not all the glitches are gone. It rarely wakes successfully
from /any/ screensaver state (symptoms ranging from the psychedelic
to catatonia) with nothing unusual in the logs and truss showing X and
gdm processes all waiting on poll(). The mouse pointer may or may not
move but if does. it does so jerkily and to no useful effect.

It still occasionally but randomly goes into a spinning loop
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to allocate NVIDIA TV Event Handler

Finally, there's a show-stopping P2 bug listed at d.o.o
that was accepted Jan 2009, more than 2 years ago, so it's not on anyone at
Oracles' to do list. It may not be high on the OI developers' list either. Can
anyone speculate if this is an xorg bug or an Nvidia driver bug? If it is the
latter I suppose it could be brought to Nvidia's attention...

Any ideas most welcome! Since X is utterly unresponsive when this happens,
you have ssh in to restart it which is a pain and pretty much makes the card
unusable. Alas virtual terminal switching doesn't seem to work any more when
this is happening.

Thanks -- Frank

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