[OpenIndiana-discuss] [illumos-Developer] SES support for Super Micro chassises?

McBofh james.c.mcpherson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 23:40:31 UTC 2011

Hi Eric,

On 11/03/11 01:24 AM, Eric Schrock wrote:
> Everything in /usr/lib/scsi should be generic for all SES-2 targets.
> You only need to add a module there if you want to export some
> vendor-specific information.  A common need for this is the notion of
> a chassis ID for enclosures with multiple SES targets (there's
> nothing in the standard for this).  That way the SES enumerator will
> stitch together a unified view instead of making it seem like there
> are multiple chassis.
> First, check to see if you have a SES target under /dev/es.  If you
> do, then you can get a look at what it supports by running
> "/usr/lib/fm/fmd/fmtopo -V" and look for 'ses-enclosure'.  If you see
> disks and bays, then you're in good shape.  The SCSI device diagnosis
> will be able to detect errors and generate faults against the
> physical location.  But ZFS faults won't use this information (90% of
> the plumbing is there, it's just not wired up).
> There should also be LED information and sensors, but none of this is
> currently wired up to anything useful.  If someone wants an
> interesting little project, it would be quite useful to have a
> diskinfo tool that could correlate the Solaris device name, VPD
> information, and fmtopo info (physical location) in one place.  Throw
> in LED control and it's be pretty sweet.
> If you don't have anything under /dev/es, then you'll need to go
> deeper and see how it responds to the various SCSI requests.
> Unfortunately, I'm not an expert at that layer of the stack.

I think you meant to respond to Roy rather than me. I've
told Roy pretty much all of the same things in the past.

Re the interesting project -
6979330 My Disk, My Kingdom For A (specific) Disk


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