[OpenIndiana-discuss] [illumos-Developer] SES support for Super Micro chassises?

Pasi Kärkkäinen pasik at iki.fi
Mon Mar 14 14:51:24 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 07:24:32AM -0800, Eric Schrock wrote:
>    Everything in /usr/lib/scsi should be generic for all SES-2 targets.  You
>    only need to add a module there if you want to export some vendor-specific
>    information.  A common need for this is the notion of a chassis ID for
>    enclosures with multiple SES targets (there's nothing in the standard for
>    this).  That way the SES enumerator will stitch together a unified view
>    instead of making it seem like there are multiple chassis.
>    First, check to see if you have a SES target under /dev/es.  If you do,
>    then you can get a look at what it supports by running
>    "/usr/lib/fm/fmd/fmtopo -V" and look for 'ses-enclosure'.  If you see
>    disks and bays, then you're in good shape.  The SCSI device diagnosis will
>    be able to detect errors and generate faults against the physical
>    location.  But ZFS faults won't use this information (90% of the plumbing
>    is there, it's just not wired up).
>    There should also be LED information and sensors, but none of this is
>    currently wired up to anything useful.  

Hmm.. so does someone know the status of FMA regarding SES? 


Was FMA made to work with SES only in fishworks/openstorage and not in opensolaris?

-- Pasi

> If someone wants an interesting
>    little project, it would be quite useful to have a diskinfo tool that
>    could correlate the Solaris device name, VPD information, and fmtopo info
>    (physical location) in one place.  Throw in LED control and it's be pretty
>    sweet.
>    If you don't have anything under /dev/es, then you'll need to go deeper
>    and see how it responds to the various SCSI requests.  Unfortunately, I'm
>    not an expert at that layer of the stack.
>    Hope that helps,
>    - Eric
>    On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 2:37 PM, McBofh <[1]james.c.mcpherson at gmail.com>
>    wrote:
>      On 10/03/11 06:19 AM, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:
>        We have a few Super Micro machines, and form what I can see, there is
>        little SES support for these machines. What will it take to make
>        luxadm etc work for thise machines?
>      For starters you need to find out what the SES process inside
>      the chassis supports. To do that you can start by querying the
>      ses node with the SCSI command RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS,with
>      the pagecode set to 0x00.
>      This will give you a list of the supported pagecodes, and then
>      you can match up the capabilities with what is defined in SES2
>      or SES3.
>      From there it should not be too hard to add support for the
>      enclosure(s) to $SRC/lib/scsi. Once you've got that info, eschrock
>      might have a spare cycle to assist you.
>      cheers,
>      McB
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