[OpenIndiana-discuss] Problems with limiting access to Xvnc on OpenIndiana

Hillel Lubman shtetldik at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 21:10:44 UTC 2011


I'm trying to set up Xvnc server on OpenIndiana oi_148 machine to access it
remotely, and I want to limit access to ssh, to enforce secured connections.

I managed to enable the service, and set properties for it as follows:

inetadm -m svc:/application/x11/xvnc-inetd:default exec="/usr/X11/bin/Xvnc
-inetd -query localhost passwordFile=${HOME}/.vnc/passwd -geometry
1680x1050x24 -localhost"

And restarted the service:

svcadm restart xvnc-inetd

-localhost option is supposed to limit incoming connection to localhost only
(thus limiting it to ssh for example). But even with that, Xvnc accept
unencrypted (non ssh) connections from the remote machine. What am I setting



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