[OpenIndiana-discuss] bug reports

Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 21:52:15 UTC 2011

I've just switched to using OI for my internet access, so I'll be testing it a bit ;-)

Three items:

The "Report a bug"option in the OpenIndiana pulldown in Firefox doesn't take you to a report form.  In fact I couldn't find one anywhere.

The default installed system is starting 2 volume managers, rmvolmgr and  gvfs-hal-volume-monitor  though I couldn't find any documentation.  With both volume managers running, once a device is mounted, it can't be unmounted.   I turned off rmvolmgr, but I'd like to turn off gvfs-hal-volume-monitor also.

rmvolmger is managed by sfm, but gvfs-hal-volume-monitor doesn't appear to be.  Something starts it, but I can find nothing under /etc or  /lib/svc that references it. 

The use of privilege escalation from the user account using sudo(1m) or similar seems to me a bad idea.  It seems too easy to exploit.  The browsers have so many vulnerabilities, that I won't run a browser as root.  It seems to me that having a separate root account is much preferable to sudo for machines which have internet access.   But then I just disconnected my LAN and installed a dedicated system for internet access.

Have Fun!

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