[OpenIndiana-discuss] Proxy for auto-updates?

Kevin J. Woolley kjw at javabunny.net
Wed Mar 16 22:31:08 UTC 2011

On 16 March 2011 15:26, David <nonot100 at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1) I can't even launch these applications of a fresh install, since
> the GUI is prompting me for a root password, but no root password is
> created during the install process.  This appears to be true for many
> admin applets.  (Plus, I would have assumed it would use "gksudo" or
> some equivalent, but it does not.)

In oi_147 you could fix this by doing a 'su -', giving the password
you used during the installation, and resetting the password when
prompted (because root's password was expired).  I'm not sure if
that's the case in 148 or 148a.  Might be worth a shot, though.



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