[OpenIndiana-discuss] 3TB disks for tank zpool? Can only use 2 TB.

John McEntee jmcentee at stirling-dynamics.com
Tue Mar 22 17:48:47 UTC 2011

>> test being the single 3 TB disk pool.
>> My google skills seem week on this problem, as I seem to be only able
>> to
>> find stuff about 4kb sectors and not being able to boot > 2TB yet.
>> Can I use 3TB disks, if so how?
>I just finished replacing 7x3+1(spare) 2TB drives with Hitachi 3TB ones, and it works like a dream. Also, Hitachi 3TB drives have 512 byte sector size, >only a larger LBA (don't remember how many bits).

What release are you using, I assume as you are on this mailing list it could be OpenIndiana. Did you do anything special with the disks or did you just add them and it worked?

I am currently using opensolaris snv_134



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