[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI boot problem

GUY WOOLLEY guy.woolley at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 26 20:57:49 UTC 2011

Thanks - I get this, which I hope reproduces your suggested commands

jack at opensolaris:~$ pfexec zpool import -f -R /a rpool
jack at opensolaris:~$ beadm list
BE            Active Mountpoint Space   Policy Created          
--            ------ ---------- -----   ------ -------          
0i_148        -      -          30.46M  static 2010-12-18 08:49 
0i_148-1      -      -          10.43M  static 2010-12-26 20:52 
0i_148-2      R      -          8.57G   static 2011-02-21 18:46 
openindiana   -      -          38.25M  static 2010-10-09 18:14 
openindiana-1 -      -          241.83M static 2010-10-09 20:24 
jack at opensolaris:~$ pfexec beadm mount 0i_148-2 /a
jack at opensolaris:~$ pfexec /a/usr/sbin/installgrub /a/boot/stage1 /a/boot/stage2 /dev/rdsk/c5d0s0
/a/usr/sbin/installgrub: No such file or directory
jack at opensolaris:~$ 

What does that imply ?


--- On Sat, 26/3/11, Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] OI boot problem
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Date: Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 19:28

> Thanks - I've tried what you suggest but as noted above "reboot" 
> just leads to the black screen with GRUB_.
> In the scenario of my previous post, if I do
> pfexec bootadm update-archive -R /a/b
> I get
> bootadm: missing /boot/grub on root: /a/b
> and I don't know how to fix that.
Mount the BE with beadm after importing rpool:

# beadm list
# beadm mount OS_148 /a
# /a/usr/sbin/installgrub /a/boot/stage1 /a/boot/stage2 dev/rdsk/c0d0s0

The device should be replaced with the your device. I believe you can
use format to identify your disk. Now you can do the update-archive thing.


Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece


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