[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI boot problem

Gary Gendel gary at genashor.com
Mon Mar 28 13:21:16 UTC 2011

On 3/28/11 8:58 AM, Apostolos Syropoulos wrote:
>> The shutdown command certainly is not broken.  If indeed the Linux
>> newbie must be catered to, then we can change the defaults, and tell
>> them to "just use shutdown".
> This command does not do the expected thing and that is the problem.
> The GNU grep and the Solaris grep have different command line
> switches but they do exactly the same thing. The same applies to
> find, etc. So yes I think the defaults must change and the command
> should do what is supposed to do.
> A.S.
I think you mean "should do what is suppose to do on Linux".

I'm really unhappy about this thread.  This is a real conundrum as there 
are a lot of these differences.  For example, init 0 on Linux vs init 5 
on Solaris and init 5 vs init 6.  I'm not sure if all of them can be 
resolved for everyone.  I came from the other end...  A long time 
Solaris admin going to Linux.  Why didn't everyone scream that Linux 
doesn't do the right thing?

The problem is always legacy stuff.  If you change the behaviors then 
expect that things that people wrote for Solaris to fail.  For example, 
napp-it, webmin, etc.

The only acceptable solution for me is to put all the Linux compatible 
stuff somewhere and let the sysadmin decide whether he wants to put that 
first in the PATH.  Isn't this how Solaris handled the BSD equivalents 
(/usr/ucb/).  I used that until I got comfortable with the SysV 
replacements when we migrated from SunOS to Solaris.


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