[OpenIndiana-discuss] reboot/shutdown commands (Was: Re: OI boot problem)

Jonathan Adams t12nslookup at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 15:24:14 UTC 2011

1) "the more progressive amongst us do" I take exception to this
statement ... some of the GNU commands are broken on Solaris, and
secure accounts should have as little in it's path (if you use root or
any secure account) as possible so that you can be _sure_ of which app
you are using.

2) "reboot" does what it says on the tin, "shutdown" works as would be
expected (you can use shutdown to run many different types of
shutdown/init) ...

Please do not change these to make them more like Linux, please do not
change the init levels to make them match Linux, IMO the Linux init
states are broken.

If you're using a server then expect to know some of the commands for
running the server. If you're using the desktop there is a nice
graphical "Shutdown" routine. If you're in front of the hardware and
you want to power down (and it's an ATX case) press the power button

On 28 March 2011 16:09, Alasdair Lumsden <alasdairrr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> My proposal would be to add a "Linux/*BSD"-like reboot and shutdown command
> to /usr/gnu/bin
> The traditionalist UNIX folk don't typically run /usr/gnu/bin at the front
> of their path, whilst the more progressive amongst us do. So this should
> satisfy both parties.
> When I was switching from a Linux/FreeBSD background to Solaris, I found the
> unnecessarily complicated reboot/shutdown situation highly frustrating.
> Typing "init 6" and "init 5" when you mean "reboot" and "shutdown" seemed
> utterly bizarre, and stupid, and angered me.
> Rather than do a half-baked shell script that wraps the existing tools, I
> think we should probably do a bit more research and implement something a
> bit more "proper" with similar FreeBSD/Linux like syntax (depending on what
> that syntax is - I haven't looked in a while).
> Cheers,
> Alasdair
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