[OpenIndiana-discuss] reboot/shutdown commands (Was: Re: OI boot problem)

Deano deano at rattie.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 28 17:15:09 UTC 2011

Regardless of what Solaris does, what Linux does and so on. Clarity and
future userability of OPEN INDIANA is more important than all other concerns
and for that reason alone reboot and shutdown, should be available by
default and do exactly what they say on the tin.

Let's not get stuck as a legacy OS, or if that is what OI is meant to be
lets state that so we don't work hard trying to cater for new users!


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On 28 March 2011 09:32, John McEntee <jmcentee at stirling-dynamics.com> wrote:

> Now, who in their right mind would suggest you have to check uname every
> time before changing run levels.

It kind of makes sense -- if you're on Solaris you need to use
"shutdown -i 6 -g 0" to reboot, and on everything else you need to use
"reboot" or "shutdown -r".  ;)

(This holds true for at least the BSDs, OS X (IIRC), Linux, HP-UX, and AIX.)



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