[OpenIndiana-discuss] Linux vs. Solaris

Gabriel de la Cruz gabriel.delacruz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 20:15:55 UTC 2011

The Solaris OS was carefully designed as a product, Linux is a
combination of technollogies carefully developed to interact with
eachother but created in independent projects. Both of them a very
well made, but the way how all the parts within Solaris relate to
eachother is more consistent.

Solaris and linux are like 2 different languages, both ritch on their
own way, why shoulnt we write phylosopy in German?


2011/3/29 Thommy M. Malmström <thommy.m.malmstrom at gmail.com>:
> On 29 March 2011 20:02, Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Unfortunately for your logic, that is exactly what I do.  I spend 95% of
>>> my time using solaris, 1% of my time using linux and 4% on other
>>> flavours of stuff.  They all have slight nuances and I have to learn
>>> them.  It's not hard.
>> Not everyone is a system administrator and not everyone wants to
>> be one. I simply don't like Windows and I want a robust system to
>> use, that's why I am using OpenIndiana. I guess there many people
>> out there who are just like me. The more such people use OpenIndiana,
>> the more the system will be popular. And this is the reason, OpenIndiana
>> and Illumos must become as user-friendly as possible and even more.
> But it's not a valid argument that just because Solaris doesn't have
> the same commands as Linux it is not user-friendly. We who know
> Solaris better than Linux can argue the same way to no usefulness.
> They are different and will be. If you want user-friendliness, look at
> the difference in creating disk pools and file systems.
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