[OpenIndiana-discuss] Linux vs. Solaris

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Wed Mar 30 00:00:36 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-03-30 at 07:51 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 30, 2011 04:15 AM, Gabriel de la Cruz wrote:
> > The Solaris OS was carefully designed as a product, Linux is a
> > combination of technollogies carefully developed to interact with
> > eachother but created in independent projects. Both of them a very
> > well made, but the way how all the parts within Solaris relate to
> > eachother is more consistent.
> >
> > Solaris and linux are like 2 different languages, both ritch on their
> > own way, why shoulnt we write phylosopy in German?
> >
> Er...certainly the core is a carefully designed product but I would not 
> go so far as to claim the whole of Solaris is a carefully designed product.
> Anyway, when will KDE be brought on board instead of that directionless 
> excuse for a desktop environment called GNOME?

Ha!  Why anyone would want, or indeed, could even use that bug ridden
pos they call kde these days is beyond me....

fyi- I was a kde1, 2, and to some extent kde3 user before I gave up and
switched to Xfce4.  Changing platform to OS made Gnome one of the pills
I had to swallow.  And a jagged little pill it was, as I formerly
detested it.  After some time using it, however, I began to appreciate
Gnome.  I test drive the latest and not so greatest KDE4 from time to
time on Linux boxes and am amazed at just how badly they missed it....

The point being, to each their own.  Gnome works on Solaris.  And pretty
much works on OI.  Better places to invest limited developer engergies
and talent than incorporating KDE, imho.  You got a really, really bad

Ken Gunderson <kgunders at teamcool.net>

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