[OpenIndiana-discuss] Installing on USB stick

Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 00:43:34 UTC 2011

In *theory* it can be done.  Go look at the OpenSolaris Caiman package.  It has a utility for that, usbgen. I've not gotten it to work, but I gave up fairly quickly as at that point I'd invested almost 3 weeks trying to find a way to clone S10 installs w/ a ZFS root.

I'm highly *not* happy, but I thought I'd lick my wounds for a while before I tried again.

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> Subject: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Installing on USB stick
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> Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 7:22 PM
> Hi,
> I have a dell latitude E6400 laptop on which unfortunately
> I cannot
> seem to get OI working, unless I boot it from a USB stick
> (the Live CD
> will not boot).  I have a feeling this has something
> to do with the
> hard drive controller, but I am not really enough of a tech
> head to
> figure it out.
> So I had the idea that I could boot via the USB, and then
> use a
> another 64Gb stick and install OI on there.  I thought
> that worked,
> because I ran the installer and it seemed to complete
> successfully.
> It rebooted from the 64G and I was able to use OI. 
> However after
> shutting down that session, I cannot reboot again from the
> 64G USB
> stick.  It gets to the "Splash Screen" but just
> reboots shortly after.
> In theory is what I'm doing (ie. install to USB rather than
> a HDD)
> going to work?  And if so, is there any way I can try
> and debug why it
> fails on subsequent reboots?
> Regards,
> Andrew.
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