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I forward the mail about the documentation system, because the feedback 
on the oi-dev list wasn't that much.
Maybe it would help to start a maillinglist for the documentation after 
decide the basic points.



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Hello Volker,

I added the licences of the formats and the software to the document,
after my holidays.

The old documentation of OpenSolaris is licenced under Public
Documentation Licence.

Sadly all documents I found about Solaris 11 Express are copyrighted by

Because of this, the change of the format might not be that big issue,
because we only have to do it once.
Although other projects use DocBook with big success.
I sadly never used DocBook or DITA by myself, yet.



Am 06.08.2011 12:50, schrieb Volker A. Brandt:
>  Hello Tobias!
>>  I summarized information about reStructuredText, DocBook and DITA.
>  This is very interesting information, thank you.
>  One thing that should also be investigated for each format is licensing,
>  both things like definitions, DTDs, etc., and the licenses of the tools.
>  In our company, we are using docbook + dblatex + pdflatex with very
>  good results.  The dblatex is actively and very well maintained by
>  its original author.
>  Regards -- Volker


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