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Mon Oct 10 21:21:49 UTC 2011

Hello Ken Gunderson and List,

On Oktober, 10 2011, 22:25 <Ken Gunderson> wrote in [1]:

> On Mon, 2011-10-10 at 21:21 +0200, Alexander Lesle wrote:
>> Hello Любомир Григоров and List,
>> On Oktober, 10 2011, 18:59 <Любомир Григоров> wrote in [1]:
>> >>I'll take a couple of people with a clue over a hundred _looking_ for a
>> > clue any day.
>> > It will be just as I said earlier - the userland will consist of the devs
>> > and a bunch of fanboys, no one will know the OS and will just view it as
>> > "another one". This whole conversation and all the emails in it just proves
>> > OI is not ready to be a real OS. Maybe in 10 years after it matures I will
>> > give it another go. Like things stand, it's headed in the OpenBSD path.
>> +1
>> Sad but true.

> This is such BULLSHIT!!!  Would OI be as successful as OpenBSD. Or
> FreeBSD!!  So you *BSD bashers might just want to back off and scratch
> it a bit before making such categorical broad sweeping statements.

I am not a BSB basher nor a Linux basher.

> THE reason alternatives to Linux have been able to persist is that not
> EVERYONE wants Linux.  Indeed, the more advanced/seasoned the person
> seems to be the greater the probability that they will value/utilize a
> Linux alternative precisely because it is NOT hampered by Linux's
> shortcomings.

> Following/emulating Linux is a mistake.  Sun should have learned that at
> least a couple years earlier and they may not have become the financial
> disaster that led to the current Oracle mess.

> Instead, OI should actively strive to DIFFERENTIATE itself from Linux,
> lest it become relegated to yet another fanboy distro of the month.

> Those of you who want/need Linux please, by all means, go use Linux!!!
> But please, please, please stop lobbying to turn OI into Linux.

I want that OI becomes a good supported and a populate OS.

> Peace--

Best Regards
Oktober, 10 2011
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