[OpenIndiana-discuss] get suspend-to-ram working (works only in single-user-mode)

commb07 at googlemail.com commb07 at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 12 23:28:17 UTC 2011

hi everyone

i'm new to openindiana and try to get S3 working on my old p5b
deluxe/core 2 duo system. although it has an ati card (4550, but i also
testet with an nvdia 8800 gts), after some hours of trial-and-error and
reading i got it working in single-user-mode. thinking it mitght be a
problem with xorg i installed the server-version, but the problem is the
same: the system enters supsend-to-ram just fine, but on resume i get an
empty screen with blinking cursor, while in single user mode after some
seconds i have a working terminal.

so far i have done:
1.i checked in /etc/power.conf that there was a line 'S3-support enable'
like mentioned here:
2.to test S3, i activate suspend for the ati card: 'echo
'vgatext_force_suspend/W1;' | mdb -wk'
3. after 2., i run /usr/sbin/pmconfig (not sure if necessary)

after normal startup, if i execute these 3 steps and then 'uadmin 3 20',
the system goes in suspend but does not resume correctly.
but if i boot into single user mode as described here
the system suspends and resumes just fine.

maybe someone could tell me the differences between normal boot and
single user boot, so i can try to eliminate what prevents S3 from working.
or does someone have a better idea what i could try?

thanks in advance for any help

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