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Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at sonicle.com
Thu Oct 13 07:18:20 UTC 2011

Yes, this is an older Sun sparc machine running Solaris 10, and I'm trying to make it access
a storage server on OpenIndiana, using two ce aggregated ethernet cards.
I would love to change its cards into GLDv3 ones, but these systems accepts only few ones,
and I have only ce ones at my disposal at the moment......and spare parts are a mess today.
Unless someone can suggest me a non Sun GLDV3 ethernet card that will run on a Sun V240!
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Data: 12 ottobre 2011 16.35.21 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] ce networks and aggregations
Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
Hi, I was trying to use dladm aggr to aggregate 2 networks, but the system doesn't let me.
So I read ce network driver does not support aggregation with dladm.
Somewhere it talks about Sun Trunking allowing the same stuff with older cards.
Where can I find it (No Oracle points it out....) and make my two cards go double?
Is this on OpenIndiana?
If it's on Solaris, you may want Sun Trunking; talk to your local Oracle
There was (at least at one point) an alternative Cassini driver that
used GLDv3 and was thus usable with dladm.  I don't know if that ever
saw the light of day, though.  Someone on this list or (perhaps)
networking-discuss at opensolaris.org may have references.
A better answer, in my opinion, would be to buy some newer Ethernet
cards.  Many of them perform better than Cassini anyway.
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