[OpenIndiana-discuss] new desktop configuration

Daniel Kjar dkjar at elmira.edu
Thu Oct 13 15:38:08 UTC 2011

I run OI without any problems as a desktop.  I have dual 28" monitors on 
a NVIDIA card (even urban terror plays quite nicely).  I have  a hopped 
up 2006 sun ultra 20 with 8 gbs of ram and a single dual core 3ghz amd 
chip.  This box is also my zfs (2tb) file server for a x2200m2 and a 
v40z.  I have had several vms  (xp, ubuntu, solaris) all running on it 
just fine but I do not do that frequently and have not pushed it when I was.

if you have never used a bsd or solaris derivative this will definitely 
be different that what you are used to (linux?).

On 10/13/11 11:31 AM, yudi v wrote:
> I read that freebsd thread, frankly, I'm very suspicious of the way the
> testing was done.  The point of an L2ARC is speed - so why put the L2ARC on
> a USB drive?  That said, you can install a desktop version of OI and it
> should be fine - I wouldn't worry about it not being stable.
> I agree, it's suspect. I couldn't figure out why they were using HW RAID
> with ZFS?
> I would love to try openindiana, what are the things I need to watch out
> for.
> I would be running quite a few VMs and also have 3 monitors.
> What about the hardware support under openindiana, especially GPU drivers?

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