[OpenIndiana-discuss] printing sage part II

Daniel Kjar dkjar at elmira.edu
Wed Oct 19 12:27:28 UTC 2011

I have a box with a clean OI install and printing is now working fine on 
there using cups (although it was not a straight forward process, how a 
novice would know to set the root password at the command line is beyond 

The upgrade box solaris - opensolaris - OI (my desktop) is completely 
borked now for printing.  Does anyone know how I could 'reinstall' 
whatever is needed for printing?  All cups packages are up to date etc. 
but it errors out on the webadmin (internal server error) and even the 
print manager looks different from my fresh 151a.  I really do not want 
to do a clean install as there is all kinds of stuff on this machine 
that I don't want to break.


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