[OpenIndiana-discuss] printing sage part II

Paolo Marcheschi paolo.marcheschi at ftgm.it
Wed Oct 19 14:56:04 UTC 2011


Try to do the following from user root:

cupsctl PrintcapFormat=BSD
print-service -s cups

if you want access to windows printers you need samba support.

To check cups configuration , connect to


I hope this helps.



On 10/19/11 02:27 PM, Daniel Kjar wrote:
> I have a box with a clean OI install and printing is now working fine on there using cups (although it was not a straight forward process, how a novice would know to set the root password at the command line is beyond me).
> The upgrade box solaris - opensolaris - OI (my desktop) is completely borked now for printing.  Does anyone know how I could 'reinstall' whatever is needed for printing?  All cups packages are up to date etc. but it errors out on the webadmin (internal server error) and even the print manager 
> looks different from my fresh 151a.  I really do not want to do a clean install as there is all kinds of stuff on this machine that I don't want to break.
> Dan

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