[OpenIndiana-discuss] desktop (dvd) iso will not boot in virtual box

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Wed Oct 19 19:26:33 UTC 2011

Harry Putnam <reader at newsguy.com> writes:

> Harry Putnam <reader at newsguy.com> writes:
>> I installed the server iso 151a with no problems recently, but today
>> trying to install from the desktop (dvd) iso, downloaded from oi home
>> page. I am unable to boot from that iso at all.
>> I thought perhaps the download had guffed up the iso so downloadeded
>> it again.  But still it will not boot and in the exact same
>> circumstances the server (dvd) iso will.
>> These are:
>>    oi-dev-151a-text-x86.iso    (server)
>>    oi-dev-151a-x86.iso         (desktop)
>> The server file is from a couple of days ago, but the desktop version
>> is from today.
> Belay this report... there is something more sinister at work... I
> cannot even boot the installed server os now.  So something else is
> going on for sure.  I.m trying to check into it now.

A reboot seems to have cured what ever ailed things.

Sorry for the lame fake report

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