[OpenIndiana-discuss] Disjointed hardware questions

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Wed Oct 19 22:13:50 UTC 2011

First, I'm trying to find a way to use Solaris and zfs for a homeboy
NAS, but without the normal hardware (until I get some money of

Currently I have a fairly powerful laptop with i7 820 with 8GB ram.

I'm running win7 on it, and that will need to stay since I'm doing
video editing and graphics work on it, and need the full adobe suite
for my work.

However since I can't really afford another machine for a NAS, I'd
like to try combining it all in that laptop.

I need the 2 500GB drives that came in it, for adobe stuff, but I
found this sata controller that works from the cardslot and appears it
may make it possible to run oi in a vm and access a pair of 1.5 TB
drives some how.

I'm hoping someone with better knowledge can look at the thing and see
if something like that could work.  There would still ahve to be some
kind of housing I guess but maybe you all can tell me how to put
something like this together.

So to summarize quickly.. I hope to run oi 151 in a vm on HOST OS win
7 on a i7 820 with 8gb ram.  oi to access a pair of 1.5 TB sata drives
thru the hardware below.. (in some suitable enclosure (tips are
welcome) and use them as a mirrored zpool. (the oi os could stay on
the laptop in a virtual pair of 16gb drives).

In the final analysis, the interface is listed as esata and I've heard
some bad stuff about that, but have no personal experience.

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