[OpenIndiana-discuss] Problem with high cpu load (oi_151a)

Gernot Wolf gw.inet at chello.at
Thu Oct 20 17:34:59 UTC 2011

Wow, that was fast :)

However, the NIC integrated on the Intel DG965WHMKR mainbord is an Intel 
82566DC according to the device driver utility, the reported driver 
e1000g. Isn't the bge driver for Broadcom NICs?

And what do you mean by "the other nvidia based interface"? This 
mainboard has only this one integrated network interface mentioned 
above, no pieces of nvidia hardware anywhere, as far as I can see...

Nevertheless it could be worth to try a different network driver. 
However, as I mentioned in my previous post, my know-how concerning unix 
is very limited. Where can I find an alternative driver for the Intel 
82566DC interface and how do I install it?

Anyway, thanks for your quick response! :)

Gernot Wolf

Am 20.10.11 18:52, schrieb Ken Gunderson:
> One.  But I haven't even made cursory scan of your logs. Nor do I know
> if it is problem any longer but I used to see similar with bge driver.
> Worked great on OS 2009.06 but subsequent stuff horked it up somehow.
> My solution was to use the other nvidia based interface.  I think there
> is/was a bug file on Illumos Redmine?  Others will surely know more but
> quick test you can do is to try a different network driver and see if
> the problem goes away.
> hth-- Ken

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