[OpenIndiana-discuss] Problem with high cpu load (oi_151a)

Steve Gonczi gonczi at comcast.net
Thu Oct 20 19:21:09 UTC 2011

Here is something to check: 

Pop into the debugger ( mdb -k) and see what AcpiDbgLevel's current setting is. 



The default setting is 3. If its something higher, that would explain the high incidence of 
Acpi trace/debug calls. 

To exit the debugger type $q or ::quit 


----- Original Message -----
You mean, besides being quite huge? I took a quick look at it, but other 
than getting a headache by doing that, my limited unix skills 
unfortunately fail me. 

I've zipped it an attached it to this mail, maybe someone can get 
anything out of it... 


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