[OpenIndiana-discuss] About auto snapshots

Gernot Wolf gw.inet at chello.at
Tue Oct 25 13:58:32 UTC 2011

Am 22.10.11 01:53, schrieb Jeppe Toustrup:
> Auto-snapshots are unfortunately not working in b151, please see
> "Known issues" in the release notes:
> http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/oi_151a+Release+Notes

Well, this is strange... because I recently upgraded an OSOL box (build 
snv_134) at my office to oi_151a. The OSOL box had auto-snapshots 
enabled, and they continue working just fine.

It's a bit different now, I see a lot more "frequent" snapshots than 
before, and the ":" in the names of the snapshots has been replaced by a 
"_", but else everything is as before.

So why is this feature working on my box when according to "known 
issues" it shouldn't, and obviously isn't working on other oi-151a 

Not that I want to complain ;) - just curious...

Gernot Wolf

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