[OpenIndiana-discuss] About auto snapshots

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Thu Oct 27 22:17:52 UTC 2011

Gernot Wolf <gw.inet at chello.at> writes:


> So why is this feature working on my box when according to "known
> issues" it shouldn't, and obviously isn't working on other oi-151a
> boxes...???
> Not that I want to complain ;) - just curious...


Oscar del Rio <delrio at mie.utoronto.ca> writes:


> "works for me" (tm)


Per Sjoholm <Per.t.Sjoholm at flysta.net> writes:


> Works for me

Well, that is good news... its probably some configuration not
completed on my end then.

Did you guys do anything more than enable the timeslider with the
checkbox on the desktop timeslider tool?  I see that the service
attempts to start at boot up but fails. 

I couldn't find any better way to capture those messages (taking place
on a Virtualbox install of oi 151) than a screen shot so have attached
it below, I hope it is visible enough to read:

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