[OpenIndiana-discuss] e2fsprogs header file bug

Andrey N. Oktyabrski ano at bestmx.ru
Fri Oct 28 13:57:20 UTC 2011

On 28.10.11 16:29, James Carlson wrote:
>> In which bug tracker I must create a bug report for this issue?
>> The problem is that on OI-151 EXT2_IOC_GETFLAGS is defined as
>>      _IOR('f', 1, long)
>>   where _IOR is defined in drm/drm.h which is not included.
>>   To me this looks like a bug in OpenIndiana.
> At a guess, I suspect that what's going on here is that you have a
> /usr/include/ext2/fs.h that's delivered by libparted, and this other
> software is "assuming" that if this file is present, then all things in
> it must work and it must correspond to a kernel feature.
Where you see the "fs.h"? ext2fs/ext2fs.h

> I think that's a bit of a brash assumption on the part of the author of
> that libarchive software.  Just because you troll through /usr/include
> and find a file there does not automatically mean it'll do what you
> think it does -- basically, any package can add a file to that directory
> for any reason, not just bona fide parts of the OS.
Yes, I agree, but this is a separate bug :-) And this bug is not IO-related.

> One thing you could do would be to find out what installed that file,
> and then go ask the author of that package whether he thinks he should
> be delivering the file:
> 	pkg search -lp /usr/include/ext2/fs.h
$ pkg search -lp /usr/include/ext2fs/ext2fs.h
PACKAGE                                           PUBLISHER
pkg:/system/file-system/e2fsprogs at 1.41.14-0.151.1

> My guess, though, is that he's really not at fault here, and that the
> fault really lies with the software that is making assumptions about
> what those files represent.  Writing portable software is harder than
> that.  Reading through that problem report, though, makes it sound like
> those other developers aren't going to agree with me.  :-/
I think, if any header file uses some macro, it must include header file 
with definition for this macro. Am I wrong?

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