[OpenIndiana-discuss] Isolating networks for zones

Jeppe Toustrup openindiana at tenzer.dk
Sun Oct 30 11:29:40 UTC 2011

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 09:27, carlopmart <carlopmart at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Jeppe. I don't have configured a etherstub. current config is:
> root at oihost:~# dladm show-vnic
> LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
> dmzlan0      e1000g1      1000   2:8:20:dc:48:d9   random              0
> and dladm show-phys:
> root at oihost:~# dladm show-phys
> LINK         MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
> e1000g0      Ethernet             up         1000   full      e1000g0
> e1000g1      Ethernet             up         1000   full      e1000g1
> e1000g2      Ethernet             unknown    0      half      e1000g2
> But one question: how can I associate certail physical interface to a
> etherstub?? Do I need to create a bridge with only one interface??

Right, that means your dmzlan0 vnic is basically connected to the same
network as e1000g1. If you only want to get traffic to the zone which
is meant for it, then you should not use a vnic, but instead set
"ip-type=shared" in the zone configuration and set the physical
interface to "e1000g1", then the zone will only get traffic intended
for it while being connected to the same network as e1000g1.

Alternatively, you can use an etherstub as previously mentioned. That
does however require you to set up routing of packages in the global
zone, in order for packages to get from the physical network to the
etherstub network. Packages will then basically go like this:

Physical network -> Physical network interface (global zone) -> VNIC
(active on global zone) -> Etherstub -> VNIC (belonging to zone).

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards
Jeppe Toustrup (aka. Tenzer)

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