[OpenIndiana-discuss] Same networking with varied NICs

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Mon Oct 1 11:25:14 UTC 2012

2012-10-01 15:04, James Carlson wrote:
> Jim Klimov wrote:
>>    I expected that "vanity naming" can help me in this
>> case by naming "the present NIC" for example "eth0",
>> and my zone and VNIC attachments would go over eth0.
>> Should this work?
> Yes; it's how they were designed to work.

Thanks for the encouragement, I hope it will also work as
advertised ;)

>>    Alternately, can I create an etherstub with several
>> attached VNICs, including one with IP configuration
>> for the global zone, and bridge it to external LAN
>> via "the one present NIC" (i.e. by attaching both
>> e1000g0 and rge0 instances to the etherstub)?
> Given that etherstubs aren't real Ethernet interfaces and thus cannot be
> bridged, that plan may be hard to achieve.  It's also unclear to me what
> doing that would buy, except perhaps lower performance.

As for the idea with bridging - I understand that an
etherstub is not an interface, but rather a switch or
hub. I wondered if this virtual hub can get connected
to the physical LAN (bridged at the ethernet layer)
using a physical NIC attached to both.

> It should be much easier to create VNICs on top of a chosen Ethernet
> interface.

Basically, my main concern was that in one boot-up case
the OS has to create all those virtual and aliased NICs
over "rge0" and in another case over "e1000g0". I want
to minimize or eliminate manual changes in configs when
I boot the OI OS image on hardware or in the VM, thus
I wanted both "rge0" and "e1000g0" (whichever is present)
to map to an "eth0" and set up all the rest above this.
If this works, it would reach my goal.


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