[OpenIndiana-discuss] Mountpoint tiering with priorities

Nathan Kunkee nkunkee42 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:23:48 UTC 2012

> Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 14:11:38 +0400
> From: jimklimov at cos.ru
> To: openindiana-discuss at openindiana.org
> Subject: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Mountpoint tiering with priorities
>    On a dual-boot box I can mount another OS's partition with
> FUSE and moderate performance. I can also boot that other OS
> in a VM and share it over a networking protocol and can have
> better performance (and it is unsafe to access the partition
> directly when the guest OS is booted anyway).
>    So, I wonder if it is possible to set up (automounter?) to
> mount the network share from the VM if available, alternately
> mount the partition over FUSE, into the same mountpoint on
> the host OS (OI).
> Thanks,
> //Jim

Based on man automount, you are wanting a kind of replicated filesystem, but I don't see a way to specify more than one set of options for a given mountpoint. In that part of the options is the filesystem type, the most direct answer would be to try the following in your /etc/auto_master

# key/location  mount options    filesystem
/shared-vm       -t nfs3         vm:/export/shared 
/shared-fuse     -t fuse         :/export/fuse

If you can share the filesystem under the same protocol from both methods, then you can put it on one line (like a replicated filesystem according to the man page:

# key/location  mount options    filesystem
/shared-vm       -t nfs3         vm:/export/shared :/export/fuse

Hope that helps,

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