[OpenIndiana-discuss] beadm broken - multiple active environments

Jason Matthews jason at broken.net
Wed Oct 3 19:58:05 UTC 2012

Okay, I some how managed to break beadm on one of my systems and I am hoping
for a little help.

The box has three zpools, rpool, data, and archive. If I export data, beadm
works without errors. However, if data is imported then beadm gives me this
lovely descriptive blurb:

root at heimdall:~# beadm create test
Unable to create test.
Multiple active zone roots

So it seems clear, that some how, beadm thinks there is an 'active zone
root' on the data pool. So, how can I find it, remove it, etc?

Also, is scanning all the attached pools for active root zones a sane thing
to do? Do they even matter if they aren't bootable or on the rpool/syspool?


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