[OpenIndiana-discuss] beadm broken - multiple active environments

Richard Lowe richlowe at richlowe.net
Wed Oct 3 20:15:29 UTC 2012

Is there any possibility that you've cloned a zone onto that data pool?

zfs list -o name,org.opensolaris.libbe:parentbe,org.opensolaris.libbe:active,org.opensolaris.libbe:uuid

Would probably be useful output to see.  It's telling you what it
claims to be, that you have a single zone with multiple active root
datasets.  I would ignore the 'active' property at first, and look for
zones which have two datasets with the same parentbe, and then see
whether both are active.

It's probably not being particularly smarted about whether the dataset
is mounted, etc, etc, but it's hard to guess from the code precisely
what's up.

-- Rich

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