[OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi_151a6 64-bit ] zone config script halts

Roel_D openindiana at out-side.nl
Wed Oct 3 20:20:50 UTC 2012

* sigh *  it is version 151a6 

I created a new zone on my freshly installed OI_151a6. 


I made a mistake by choosing NIS as nameserver instead of DNS. But after
confirming my choice the following line is printed:


ld.so.1: sysidns: fatal: relocation error: file
/usr/snadm/lib/libnsnis.so.1: symbol smf_get_state: referenced symbol not


I jumped out of the config with .~ and rebooted the zone. The script started
again at the network config and I could select DNS and everything went fine.


Just to inform anyone

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