[OpenIndiana-discuss] Replacing both disks in a mirror set

Maurilio Longo maurilio.longo at libero.it
Mon Oct 8 12:57:49 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have a zpool on an oi_147 host system which is made up of 3 mirror sets,


both c11t5d0 and c11t4d0 (SATA 1Tb disks, ST31000528AS) are developing errors,
both disks have around one-hundred pending sectors and I'm getting nervous :)

I'd like to add a third disk to mirror-0 so that I can let it resilver without
decreasing parity (replacing one disk) and increasing my overall risk of
loosing the whole zpool

A simple

  zpool attach tank c11t5d0 c12t0d0

should be ok to make mirror-0 a three disks mirror set.

The problem, for me at least, arises here: how can I remove/replace disks so
that I can end up with the new disk (c12t0d0) in c11t5d0 (or c11t4d0) disk bay
and without powering off the system?

from googling around it seems that zpool offline cannot be used to replace a
disk and if I remove, for example, c11t5d0 with a

   zpool detach tank c11t5d0

when I move c12t0d0 to the place (disk bay) where c11t5d0 was I fear that I
have to let it resilver from the beginning which leaves me without a mirror
for at least three days.

Is there some way to solve this issue without exporting pool, powering off
host system, moving c12t0d0 in c11t5d0 bay and then restarting system and
importing pool again?



|  |  | |__| Maurilio Longo

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