[OpenIndiana-discuss] Replacing both disks in a mirror set

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Tue Oct 9 00:56:00 UTC 2012

On 10/8/12, Richard Elling <richard.elling at richardelling.com> wrote:


>> "zpool detach" suggests, that you could still use this disk as a
>> reserve backup copy of the pool you were detaching it from.
> No it doesn't -- there is no documentation that suggests this usage.

To non-native speakers of English it sounds like that.
Googling a bit proves, that quite some folks were victims of this
BTW: The command names should be given in a 100% mnemonic manner.
So even if somebody doesn't read the entire man page, there should be
no misunderstanding possible. And if these name shall be short (for
whatever reason), then not too short.
And simply throwing a warning/confirmation dialog would be the minimum
one could expect ...
If you move a small single user file to trash (where it still
continues to live), you do get one. And for an entire half of a pool,
you don't?? Does that make sense?

>> And that
>> you could simply "zpool attach" it again, in case the other disk would
>> die.
> You are confusing zpool detach and zpool split commands.
>  -- richard

Well, I know this for a few years now (but some still don't, as we
just saw ... ) .
And at first, a few years back,  I didn't know it myself.

However, this time I have a real problem.
And it did not happen because of ambigously chosen command names, that
I misunderstood.

Vbox caused the host to freeze.
And since then the host's home mirror is no longer mountable.
And that's just not in line with the fancy promos and all that hype    :(


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