[OpenIndiana-discuss] Replacing both disks in a mirror set

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Tue Oct 9 03:26:02 UTC 2012

On 10/8/12, Martin Bochnig <martin at martux.org> wrote:
> However, this time I have a real problem.
> And it did not happen because of ambigously chosen command names, that
> I misunderstood.
> Vbox caused the host to freeze.
> And since then the host's home mirror is no longer mountable.
> And that's just not in line with the fancy promos and all that hype    :(

Dear all  ))))))))))

I tried it the entire night.

Now suddenly. mounting ro does not cause this crash (although it did a
douzen times).

 zpool import -o readonly=on wonderhome

WITH GOD's HELP (altough I'm actually an atheist) functioned )))))

So, now I try to rescue the data to another pool via rsync.
Sorry for the hectic. Let's hope copying the data will work without a new panic.


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