[OpenIndiana-discuss] beadm broken - multiple activeenvironments

Jason Matthews jason at broken.net
Tue Oct 9 23:00:07 UTC 2012

Richard Lowe wrote:

> Is there any possibility that you've cloned a zone onto that data pool?

Sorry about the belated response. You are a genius. This was exactly the

I keep getting bitten by zfs send -R. It is convenient as it copies all the
descendent file systems, but by also cloning all the properties it causes me
more issues than it solves. I generally realize my mistake at reboot when
zfs mount -a fails, which might be months after the mistake is made.

I wish there was zfs send -r, which would copy all the descendents but leave
the properties behind. I have since scripted this, but seems like a natural

Thanks for your help. The error message was puzzling my puzzler.


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